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EPCAL Ecology
      Although once used as a Navy test site, the EPCAL location is actually host to a wide variety of rare and protected native species. The list includes: NYS Endangered Short Eared Owls and Eastern Tiger Salamanders, and NYS Species of special concern the Grasshopper Sparrow, among others.
      The site itself is not only located within the LI Pine Barrens, a Suffolk County Special Groundwater Protection Area, the Peconic Estuary and Long Island Sound watersheds, but it also contains the largest contiguous grassland habitat left on Long Island. The Calverton Grasslands are recognized by Audubon NY as a critical part of the LI Pine Barrens Important Bird Area, and are listed on the NYS Open Space Plan. This excellent habitat provides for a variety of rare and protected species located on the EPCAL site. 

*Check out some photos related to these unique species and ecosystems in our 'EPCAL Photo Album.'*

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Many of the species that rely on this habitat are listed below. To learn more about these animals and plants please click on the links below:
To learn more about the valuable habitats within and around the EPCAL site please visit the links below:

This Northern Harrier was spotted on the western runway at the EPCAL site in spring 2008. The Northern Harrier is considered 'threatened' by the NYS DEC.

This Grasshopper Sparrow was spotted in the Calverton Grasslands. Grasshopper Sparrow populations are seriously declining throughout the Northeast.

This skunk family was spotted on an EPCAL runway.